Independent local Brisbane rock bank Headcage,  is preparing for the special Rock into the Night Sky concert at the urban-style Brisbane Milk Factory.

The event on Saturday, July 9 will feature three major bands. Spook Hill, will take to the stage first with their hypnotic sounds, followed by Salt & Steel and of course Headcage. With the show set to begin at 7pm audience members will be exposed to Headcage’s old-school rock and roll, hard hitting rhythms, and psychedelic, South American influences. The band crafts a unique atmosphere of excitement, energy, movement, vibration, and good feelings at all of their shows. Headcage’s supercharged performances create an environment like no other due to their diverse musical backgrounds. Headcage produces hard rock music for all to enjoy.

Prior to Headcage, Spook Hill and Salt & Steel will take the stage. Spook Hill is a rollin’ and tumblin’ blues rock outfit, and Salt & Steel is a bohemian rock duo with a trademark ‘earthy’ sound consisting of Spanish guitar riffs, worldly percussion, and bluesy vocals. Rock into the Night assures that concert-goers can expect a special event full of distinct independent music.

Tickets for Rock into the Night at the Milk Factory will be selling for $5. Two tickets to the show are up for grabs as well- just email, with the subject ‘Headcage Milk Factory’ or go directly to their website: for your chance to win!

By Casuarina James
Image supplied by Headcage