Even after working in the hairdressing industry for more than 38 years, COEV Hairdressers owner Michael Evans claims with certainty that he still loves his job unconditionally.

COEV Hairdressers has operated in West End for 22 years. The salon is a small business success story that Michael says is simply a result of “good, reliable service”. He opened the salon in 1995, equipped with two years experience hairdressing in London, and many more years travelling around Australia managing various salons in capital cities.
“London was fantastic. When I got back, I felt I could almost work in any salon I wanted to with that kind of experience behind me,” Michael revealed. “At the time, I wanted to hold out on opening my own business until I knew I could do it properly. I wanted to do it well.”

West End was the obvious choice for Michael, who moved straight to the area from Sydney. He first opened up shop on bustling Boundary Street though eventually relocated due to the parking difficulties in the area.

“I used to have an apprentice who would walk out every hour feeding metres for all of my clients. I hated the thought of anybody having to pay for parking while sitting in my salon,” he explained. “We moved to the Coles shopping centre for that reason primarily. And then two years ago, they started charging down there. The troubles with parking have undeniably been the driving force behind me leaving each shop.”

Currently, Coev Hairdressers sits comfortably in a sunlit space on Dornoch Terrace; spacious and smart and surrounded by hillside homes bounding the Brisbane River and lush greenery. “It’s brilliant here in our new location. It’s a bit more open. There’s beautiful scenery. There’s natural light that comes through the front. There’s a solid traffic flow, and most importantly, there’s plenty of free parking spaces for my customers!”

Michael’s key focus for 2017 involves settling into the new spot and steadily boosting his already booming business, however, Michael also hopes to conduct a hairstyling photoshoot, a hobby which has brought him significant success and publicity in the past.

“Goldwell used to purchase my photos to use to promote its new products, for example. Plus, I would send submissions to multiple magazines, where they were published a number of times. It’s all part of being a creator; it really gets your creative gears going,” Michael says. “I’ve worked with Goldwell products since the start of my career; I used to work as an educator for the brand. I even used to compete in haircutting competitions, and managed to win a fair few awards. It’s been a while, but 2017 could be the year to get involved again.”

However, despite his high aspirations for national success, maintaining client satisfaction remains the number one priority in Michael’s eyes. “The most rewarding part of my job is the happiness my customers have. They love their hair when they leave the salon, and that’s what keeps
me going.”