West End’s newest eatery is a vegan/vegetarian cafe with a unique twist: its menu features food designed for yoga practitioners. The creation of the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, Sattva  is dedicated to extending yoga practice to the table by applying Ayurvedic principles to keep the body nourished and the mind clear. Named after the Sanskrit word for purity, harmony and balance, Sattva’s menu focuses on pure, natural and seasonal produce to meet nutritional needs and honour yogic values.

Their entirely non-caffeinated drink selection includes innovative and unique beverages, including the rose pistachio latte with turmeric, beetroot and Manuka honey, infused with rosewater; the coconut white chocolate and the extravagant blue majik maca latte, with blue spirulina, Maca and blue butterfly pea flower. While the set food menu is currently under development, a rotation of daily specials is available. A selection of salads is refreshed daily, with featured ingredients including avocado, feta, kale, chickpeas and a range of unique and innovative dressings. Daily hot lunch specials include curries, burrito bowls and a myriad of fresh Asian-inspired dishes, such as noodles and warm salads. For those seeking a sweet treat, Sattva provides dessert options, with staples like mousse, doughnuts and cake alongside more inventive desserts, such as the coconut chia seed cup.

Based upon the principle that eating is an important act for one’s yoga practice, because nourishment of the body’s tissues is the foundation for nourishment of the mind and the emotions, Sattva aims to cater for West End’s most dedicated yogis, or just those in search of a hearty and wholesome meal.

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