Journey into the outer most reaches of space, climb out of vats of nuclear ooze and travel through time at Brisbane’s inaugural Sci-Fi Theatre Festival at Norman Price Theatre at TAFE South Bank from 11 to 14 April.

SwitchBoard Collective introduces one of Australia’s first science fiction themed festivals, hosted across four days to celebrate local emerging and established artists who present new works exploring the possibilities of science fiction and popular culture in a live theatre environment. Attendees are encouraged to bring their imagination as they listen to readings of new local sci-fi works, relive old classics and their re-imaginings, and dream with the dreamers as we shift the creative tide that is pulling Brisbane into the outer edges of entertainment innovation.

This program of shows will include works from artists such as Big Fork (Infinite Skies), Two Braid Collective (The Wishing Well), and Jack Edwards (Child’s Play). Along with a number of other artists, these talented locals will produce live-action theatre, dance, videography, and numerous other surprises.

The Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival is the culmination of a dream shared by the founders of SwitchBoard Collective, a Brisbane-based independent theatre company. In 2018, SwitchBoard Collective toyed with the concept of science fiction and live theatre combining when they produced Terra-fied! at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. After a sold-out show and positive, enthusiastic feedback from the audience, SwitchBoard Collective wants to push the known limits, take a leap into the unknown, and create the very first theatre festival in Australia designed to
celebrate theatre and science fiction.

The Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival is a diverse platform and encourages all involved to explore the unknown and the improbably made possible.

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