Bringing life to West End with a whole lot of spice and savoury flavours is Mediterraneo, a restaurant for those after the perfect combination of Middle Eastern and European flavours. Paying homage to the Mediterranean region’s relaxed lifestyle and coastal views, Mediteraneo’s atmosphere is equally sublime, thanks to the venue’s vibrant colour scheme and outdoor terrace.

Whether it is a drop of French Riviera wine and Greek tapas, or an Arabic feast that you want, all palates are catered for at Mediterraneo. The menu includes signature items such as the rich Lamb Kofta, marinated Morrocan Chicken and Souvlakis, skewered alongside winter vegetables and drizzled in tzatziki and Grecian flavour. Fans of Italian cuisine will enjoy the menu’s extensive selection of tagines, seafood dishes and creamy pastas. Smaller bites include their Mushroom Crostini bread with truffle oil and parmigiano, artichoke and fava dip, and the classic Lebanese tabbouleh side dish.

As for desserts, diners will appreciate Meditarraneo’s espresso and Kahlua tiramasu cradled by sponge biscuit, while more modern palates will mob for Meditarraneo’s take on Mastciha ice cream, which comes served on a Kataifi pastry nest. Taking inspiration from West End’s beloved unconventionality and the Mediterranean, the menu amalgamates traditional meals with exotic twists.

For those who prefer to dine in the sunshine as opposed to late at night, Mediterraneo also houses a cafe that services sandwiches, pastries, light snacks and coffee daily from 6:30am onwards. Welcoming diners in from Wednesday to Sunday, and for early morning coffee every day of the week, Mediterraneo is the perfect location to take in cosmopolitan vibes and grab a bite or two before heading to work in the nearby CBD.

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