Addictions and success do not tend to be terms that compliment each other. Having lots of money as a student is also fairly rare; however, Prue Richardson of @abrokegirlsblog is a recent university graduate who appears to be effectively combining her shopping addiction with the knack for finding style steals, ultimately leading to a successful Instagram blog. With more than 14,500 followers, Prue is reaching out to students everywhere who face the terrifying reality that money does not grow on trees yet, still want to maintain a trendy sense of style.

Prue said that the reason for beginning her Instagram account was the desire to, “share my favourite bargains and go-to broke girl destinations – it was always something I wanted to do!” It is apparent that there are so many similar girls out there who share in Prue’s want to keep up with style, trends and the latest accessories as they hit our shop windows. Unfortunately, the price tags that come with many of these items act as a barrier for university students who may have their rent due that week. Prue’s @abrokegirlsblog provides solutions to this problem.

The fashionista is too familiar with the struggles of acquiring balance in her work-study-social life. For Prue, the hardest conundrum was being dedicated to her studies but also having time for leisure activities and of course earning those dollar bills. She needed to have some money to her name in order to keep her fashion passion alive!

It feels good to wear name brands and Prue does try to advertise higher-end fashion steals but, in keeping consistent with the evident theme of the account, she attempts to keep everything under $100 to “stick with that ‘broke girl’ budget.”

A broke girl's blog

My top two favs of Prue’s blog for this season:

A pair of boyfriend jeans
For me, I will always pick loose fitting clothes as opposed to tight-fitting garments. The boyfriend jeans have the ability to dress down an outfit – perfect for those days at university where you want to appear like you “haven’t tried” but secretly you seek to impress that boy in your tutorial. Alternatively, pop on a pair of heels with your jeans and you have a perfect Sunday session outfit. Prue sourced this particular pair from eBay – a fantastic place for style snatches.

The staple white collared shirt
I agree with Prue on describing this item as a “staple” piece. It can be worn under a warm cardigan, while still maintaining that chic sense of simplicity and style – perfect for an early breakfast date or casual drinks on a Brisbane winter night.

When asked what her “cheap” season essential was for this winter, Prue answered with one word – BOOTS! She mentioned that Therapy Shoes over the knee and ankle boots are her favourite – both under $90 as well. Hands down, Prue’s Instagram account is one of my favs and has been for a while. Her style tips are endless and regularly updated. She has already proved that addictions can actually feed success, maybe it’s possible that this in-the-know fashion guru will find a Chanel piece that doesn’t break the bank for all broke girls out there. No pressure Prue!


Words by Ailish Parr