What girl doesn’t appreciate a matching clutch with her new outfit for a weekend of fun, fashion and socialising? Brittany Redman believes people look for accessories that complement their fashion, style and personality.

Happy as Flynn, her Australian-made successful accessories label, was inspired by cliché phrase “Happy as Larry” and the name of her beloved dog “Flynn” who is always cheerful. Her label is designed to suit women’s needs. “People want something unique which is what my clutches are, no two pieces are ever the same as they are all hand painted,” she says.

Young entrepreneur and founder of Happy as Flynn explains she has always been very “artsy”. She began conquering colouring in competitions when she was a child. She knew at a very young age fashion was written in the stars for her future. “I was the kid who tried to sew clothes for my Barbie’s and baby dolls,” she says.

Brittany studied fashion at TAFE in 2012 and only a year ago began to draw and design bright colourful textile prints in her leisure time and shared them on websites like ‘Society 6’ and ‘Print all over me’ as a creative outlet.

Additionally, she caters for custom clutches, in that the consumer can decide the colours, design and size they would like. Brittany has a real knack for finding a pattern and making it look different and special, “not a lot of businesses do this and it has helped me stand out from the rest,” she says.

Brittany is innovative. One day she wanted to try something different, “I folded up a design I had printed out and folded it up into a clutch.” She created a design that protects the print of the sturdy clutch by having PVC around the outside. Being imaginative is not simple she went through a lot of trial and error. “I still feel today I am only improving on my designs and sewing skills” she says.

Personally, I came across her collection and brand a few months ago while scrolling through Instagram. Brittany has found a way to connect with her audience of young women through this platform. I was looking through Happy as Flynn’s Instagram and came across these lively statement pieces. There was a competition being held to repost the photo and you could win the paint splattered, one-of-a-kind wallet. I thought I would try my luck, knowing I never win contests like this and to my surprise I had won.

This fashionista has made a big name for herself within the local Australian fashion industry, as she dives into the world of striking fashion. More recently, she has collaborated with Australian company ‘White Soda’ a children’s swimwear label. “I am excited to see how they turn out,” she says. Brittany is currently working on a very large scale art piece and she says it has been an exciting challenge, “I have just started to sell a few of my large canvas art pieces in the Kenmore Gallery which has been my next stepping stone.”