There is no such thing as a typical day for Space Property South Brisbane Principal Angus Commins.

Angus can be heard arriving for work six days a week on his new deafeningly loud 9T BMW motorcycle or in his rumbling Porsche Cayman S, when he’s not riding his collectible Vespa 946 scooter. His staff have about 10 seconds warning to sit up a bit straighter and look busy as he strides through the office with purpose. Angus is as passionate about property as he is about cars and bikes. His booming voice and contagious laughter create an upbeat atmosphere in the office as he chats on the phone with landlords, sellers, buyers and other agents. He loves nothing more than working with vendors as he continues his active selling role in the business he has owned for almost 25 years, firstly as LJ Hooker and more recently as Space. Angus, who is a highly successful agent, believes in the mantra, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, and cites interaction with, and the opportunity to help people as the greatest pleasures of his job.


If Angus gets any spare time between appointments, telephone conversations and everyday management of his business, he might skim the news headlines at this desk and enjoy a short black coffee.  After leaving school, Angus studied a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Queensland, then began working in the accounting profession, principally in insolvency, before “seeing the light” and switching to agency. He still oversees the  accounts in his business and has a keen eye for numbers.Angus generally carries three to four properties for sale at any time and likes to run four-week auction campaigns. He gets involved in the marketing, attending photo shoots, discussing advertising strategies with vendors, organising signs and material, uploading content to the web, conducting open homes and liaising with the auctioneer. Sometimes keen buyers make offers before an auction and Angus and his team prepare contracts, negotiate offers and obtain signatures. This can require a few trips back and forwards between the parties and Angus likes nothing better than to jump on his Vespa and scoot around his West End patch, noting new developments and happenings along the way. For campaigns that run their full course, there is the excitement of auction day, and Angus is a natural performer in this setting, achieving remarkable results for his clients.

Lunch is a relaxing part of Angus’s day when he can switch off for an hour or so and head out to sample the fare at one of the many 4101 cafes and restaurants he likes to support. Networking and referrals are keys to being a successful agent and Angus always makes the time to chat to past and prospective buyers and sellers who he bumps into on his travels.

Angus values work/life balance and generally leaves the office around 4pm to head home where he enjoys spending time in his garden, and cooking with his wife, a glass of wine in hand. He also makes time for exercise, attending Cross Fit classes, or walking in the hills near his home.

Words by Anne-Maree Britton