This week, Nicole and I popped down to the new Spaghetti House on Boundary Street for a Wednesday night girls’ dinner date. This occurred (finally) after months and months of Nic telling me how great it was here (she has been more than once) and couldn’t stop raving about it.

So this week, I silenced her pleas and we stopped in for some pasta et al. The whole of Boundary Street is heaving tonight and Spaghetti House is not unlike its neighbours, is fact, it is packed to the brim which is fantastic to see.

What I get from Spaghetti House though is a little more than a little pasta dish on a plate. As soon as we walk in we’re greeted by Simon, (Maitre’ D) and he is just so welcoming that I feel like I’m meeting a long-lost relative for the first time.

We decide to sit smack-bang in the middle of the restaurant ‘let’s be right in the action!’ Nic says to me excitedly. The restaurant is classic Italian – dark wood tables and chairs and large gold mirrors with specials scrawled across them in white pen adorn the walls. But the best thing about it is the sound. From the moment we enter all we can hear is Italian or at least the Italian accent. Every staff member is as such which adds completely to the ambiance of the place. The waiters don red aprons and white shirts, are completely charming in that quintessential Italian way.

What I love about Spaghetti House instantly is that we already know Simon, who introduced himself to us at the door and can’t stop saying ‘welcome’ to us as he seats us (we love it) and then our waiter introduces himself to us; Luca. I can’t help but smile as Luca reads us the specials. He explains one to us, then holds up his finger, or shrugs his shoulders before going to the next ‘if not’ he says. He repeats this process about five times and we stifle our giggles of appreciation as this little phrase is uttered every time.

Nic and I decide we can’t have Italian without a glass of red but think we’ll start with white first. Luca sees us looking at the wine list. ‘Can I suggest?’ he asks. He recommends two wines, one white and one red (which both prove to be delicious). We then decide on the special Arancini balls and I order the Gnocci special and Nicole orders Ravioli. Our meals are amazing… Luca wanders past, ‘is lovely, yes?’ he asks us. We settle in for some chats and enjoy the animated ambiance around us as we do.

Luca and the other staff are extremely attentive ‘ok girls?’ we are asked every now and then, which makes us feel we are not forgotten in this lovely Italian scene taking place around us. Every now and then a plate is dropped, cutlery falls off tables and Nic and I joke this could be a deliberate part of the deal here…

At one point, Nic throws her hands down on the table in laughter and one of the waiters laughs at us; ‘what?’ she jokes back ‘we’re just playing our part!’ More laughter from the waiter. We are having so much fun. So much fun, we realise we have been at this table, in this lovely restaurant, in this lovely scene for close to 2 ½ hours without even looking at our watches.

We leave reluctantly; we could stay so much longer! Because Spaghetti House IS lovely, yes.


Photos by Gillian van Niekerk