Queensland Symphony Orchestra Cellist, Craig Allister Young, together with his award-winning song writing partner, Donna Dyson, have released a Christmas EP for kids titled Spotty Kites Christmas

Spotty Kites is a creative, contemporary catalogue of songs for children aged 0 to 12. Donna and Craig’s vision was to create and produce quality children’s songs featuring some of Australia’s best vocalists and instrumentalists. Dyson and Young set out to compose Christmas songs that excite and educate children. This resulted in their first Christmas EP which was released by MGM Sydney under their label Spotty Kites on 30 November.

The album features jazz vocalists Renae Suttie and her daughter Maddison, Celtic singer Greg Moore, the iconic Peter Murphy and Craig Allister Young as the voice of Scruffy the dog. There are also two additional tracks under the Dyson & Young label which includes the new Christmas anthem December Child in three different versions featuring Suttie, Moore and the contemporary Inversion Vocal group. The backing track features classical musical instruments played by musicians from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra alongside some of Brisbane’s best jazz musicians.

Spotty Kites Christmas features five original Christmas songs including: Sneezy the Reindeer, Gifts for Santa, Scruffy’s Christmas List, Colours of Christmas, and Light Up the Christmas Tree – it is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Deezer.  

Readers may also know Craig Allister for his desserts (including tempura apple fitters). Craig took to the chopping block in the 2011 season of MasterChef. Making it to the final 12, he spent more than four months in the MasterChef kitchen.

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