Taking regular breaks, allocating time for physical activity and stretching could be the ticket to good health, according to a 2015 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

A lifestyle comprised of excessive sitting can seem unavoidable in certain occupations, with desk jobs that consume large, inactive portions of the day leaving individuals in danger of adopting a handful of health complications.

Although exercise can assist in achieving a healthy lifestyle, if extended sitting periods are also undergone, quality of life can still be damaged. If this inactive lifestyle is undergone regularly over an extended period of time, quality of life, along with life expectancy can be decreased.

The 2015 study, along with an array of past studies, indicates that a sedentary lifestyle can amplify the threat of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

However, solutions are available to assist in the combat against a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for extended stages can be avoided by taking regular breaks. Numerous studies indicate that allocating time for physical activity or breaks for regular movement and maintaining this routine can substantially reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Making the most of these breaks by walking or stretching can maximise the effectiveness of this strategy.

Tactics to break up sitting durations can also be implemented during leisure hours. For example, stretching could be undergone whilst watching TV. Park a few blocks away and break up a commute with walking.

These simple tactics are easy to incorporate into a working routine, and can meaningfully improve one’s quality of life.

Excessive sitting durations can significantly increase the risk of chronic disease development. Although it may seem impossible to break up extended inactive sessions whilst occupying a desk, there are solutions available. Integrating simple activities into the working day, such as regular standing, stretching and walking can decrease time spent sitting. Regularly undergoing these habits is crucial. Establish a routine and make a change.

These simple tactics can be incorporated  into a working routine and improve an individual’s quality of life.

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