What started out as a Brisbane man’s passion for pets has snowballed into success for local startup Stickapet, empowering dog-lovers to turn their furry friends into stickers.

Lachlan McLean didn’t expect to be the owner of his own business when the desire to personalise his pet struck him, yet Stickapet has been welcomed with wagging tails following the launch of their website in September last year.

The business produces breed and gender specific dog stickers so owners can flaunt their fur babies on their vehicle, laptop or even drink bottle.

Customers now have the choice of 38 dog breeds and more than 130 variations of colours and styles, but despite a variety of breeds on offer, the public continue to bark orders for their dog’s unique breed to be transformed into a 2D look-alike.

Due to popular demand, Stickapet are stepping out from behind their online-only business and trotting into the world of retail in groomers, vets and pet supply stores. There’s no telling where the business will head from here – will felines be the next to take over?

To get your beloved pet transformed into a sticker, visit their website here.

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