I absolutely adore popping into 360 Degrees no matter what the occasion – the girls are absolutely l-o-v-e-l-y and oh so helpful.

So this year, when I needed two outfits for MBFF, 360 Degrees was on my wish list. We constructed a number of looks, all of which I would have been elated to wear at this week’s festivities but alas, I could only pick two (and I spent some time making this decision!!). Check out the looks below …


www.westendmagazine.comBlack and Gold

Brand: Elliatt

What I love about it: I am SO into anything and everything black and gold this season – two colours that work perfectly together and allow for a smorgasbord of options when it comes to accessorising. This gold shimmer skirt instantly raises the bar and can easily be taken from day to night. This Elliatt top also comes in white and can be tucked or untucked depending on what you’re pairing it with. I chose to let the skirt shine a little here and went ‘tucked’.

Style tips: Pair it with a pair of pointed-toe heels for the office and funk it up with some black open-toed leather boots or stilettos for the evening. Go light or heavy with black and gold accessories depending on the occasion.

www.westendmagazine.com Laced up in white

Brand: One Way

What I love: am I allowed to say everything??! I just adored this dress the moment I saw it and even more once I had slipped it on. It shows a little skin without showing too much and it reminds me of Summer cocktail parties… because I will admit to you I am CRAVING warmer weather like no tomorrow. I love the slight asymmetric cut on the leg and the lace instantly makes me feel feminine (and a little sassy).

Style tips: go with silver sparkles and pearls if you’re more silver inclined or rose gold or bronze if you’re a gold girl. You can either keep it classic with a nude heel or throw on a bold colour if you feel like standing out that little bit extra.


Asymmetric grey

Brand: One Way

What I love: I love that this leans more towards the ‘casual’ end of the dress spectrum because it means the accessory possibilities are pretty much endless. Love the asymmetric cut of the skirt overlay – flattering on the hips!

Style tips: Pair with a chunky necklace and a big clutch and this time, keep your accessories and your shoes to the one colour. I’d go with a high bun or pony hair-wise to show off the neck area and that necklace you’ve chosen!


Two-piecing it

Brand: Elliatt

What I love: as my titling may suggest, I love that this is a perfectly match two-piece. More and more I am preferring to segment my look and this outfit is a perfect example of making sure you look elegant and put together without looking like you tried too hard. Effortless elegance!

Style tips: I’d probably lean towards keeping the accessories a little quieter with this one – it doesn’t need too much to look dressy.


Not your ordinary black maxi

Brand: Elliatt

What I love: This dress is one of a kind. I adore the bodice, extremely flattering on the chest, and again, shows a little without showing a lot which keeps it classy. The spots make this one stand out and the length ensures you’ll turn heads.

Style tips: Keep it simple – this dress speaks for itself.


Black and white delight

Brand: Elliatt

What I love: this one is all round pretty spectacular. The sheer material is the element I love most – the splits in the leg make this dress that extra bit formal and the band around the waist is flattering to any shape. Again, this piece can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Style tips: this look calls for a long chain necklace to complement the low-cut top.

See which looks I picked on next week’s column plus get all the coverage from the shows right here!

Until then… Happy Fashion Week Brisbane!

A xx

 Images by Eric Wang