The Sudsy Challenge, run by Brisbane-based Orange Sky, is asking Australians to wear the same set of clothes for three days from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 April to raise awareness for homelessness.

‘Sudsy’ is the name of the first laundry van to operate as part of Orange Sky built to create conversation and build connections. This challenge was therefore created to encourage conversations that matter. People who take part are encouraged to get their friends and family to sponsor them via the Orange Sky website.

This week on Triple M Brisbane’s The Big Breakfast Robin Bailey’s worst fashion nightmare was revealed, and Marto had a dream come true as they both decided to stay in the same clothes for three days. Robin Bailey openly admits she has never worn the same set of clothes for consecutive days, not even with a pair of shoes. So there’s going to be some serious fashion anxiety in the studio this week. Marto on the other hand is in heaven.

Upon hearing the challenge on air, the team from Totally Work Ware not only rang offering hi-vis work ware for Marto and Robin to wear during the challenge but will put up $1000 cash per day if the duo stay in the supplied clothing. The team slipped into the clothes this morning, meaning they have to last until Friday morning. To make the whole experience more livable for Robin, she has found high heeled work boots.

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