South Bank’s first specialty poké bowl and sushi burrito shop SUKI will take up residence at 182 Grey Street, opening to the public on Tuesday, 18 April. The fresh and fun fitout designed by Collectivus will include indoor and alfresco seating for up to 60 people.

Poké bowls have seen a recent spike of interest from the public with their use of ‘good for you’ proteins and super food ingredients. Having heard about the massive success of the concept in the US, owners Eddie Isik and Leon McNiece visited the States to learn more about the trend. The trip triggered the idea to bring the SUKI brand to life, which has been under development for the last 18 months.

“We are both interested in fitness and healthy eating and we could see a gap in the market for this offering and the idea was too good to not go ahead with. We have big plans to expand SUKI with a second location in Brisbane already in the works and set to open in a few months,” says Leon McNiece.

Meaning to section, cut or slice and pronounced ‘po-keh’, poké is traditionally known as a fish salad originating from the Aloha state. The on-trend food started off with very humble beginnings as a simple dish which included scraps of reef fish, seaweed and crushed kukui nuts and sea salt.

SUKI’s philosophy is ‘pole to roll (or bowl)’, aiming to high quality and sustainable raw fish and proteins for its poké bowls and sushi burritos. Highlight ingredients include bamboo rice (brown rice infused with bamboo extract), quinoa and kale, black rice and freshly cut vegetables.

It allows you to customize your bowl with seven base choices, eight types of fish, and more than 15 toppings with ingredients prepared fresh daily. Ordering a bowl or burrito at SUKI is a six-step process, where you select your base, proteins, sauces, vegetable, then garnishes. For those who can’t decide, customers can select from one of SUKI’s signature pre-made bowls or burritos.

For regulars, SUKI will soon be launching a loyalty program and will be open seven days a week, from 11am til late.