The average coffee lover contributes more than 1000 single-use cups and lids to landfill across a four year period, spurring Allpress Espresso to take responsibility to minimise waste, bringing even more conscious-intent into its business. Allpress Espresso is excited to introduce two new reusable cups to inspire sustainable behaviour within coffee loving communities; The Allpress Reusable Cup, and the Arita Porcelain Cup 2.0.

The Allpress Reusable Cup is the sustainable and practical option of the two it is made from PLA – a plant-based bioplastic made from rapidly renewable sources (that has a much lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based plastics), making it biodegradable and commercially compostable, as well as dishwasher friendly. Because the cup is made of organic material, it has a lifespan of about four years (or 1040 single-use cups). When it is time to retire the cup, buyers are asked to return their cup to their local Allpress cafe so it can be commercially composted and returned to the earth.

As for the Arita 2.0, Allpress set out to transform an inexpensive and disposable product into a beautiful and lasting object that influences more sustainable behaviour. From the highly regarded and ancient porcelain district of Arita, Japan, the Allpress Arita Porcelain Cup was born. The limited-edition porcelain cup holds a regular size of delicious brew, comes with a silicon lid embossed with the Allpress logo, perfect for your desk, at home or on the road.

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