Last weekend I dropped into SWOP, a sustainable clothing exchange in West End’s Boundary Street Markets. The idea is simple – bundle up clothes, shoes and accessories and sell them to SWOP for 25% – 50% of what they plan on selling them to the public for.

But it’s not just any clothing exchange, they only sell the best quality vintage items. Buyers can be assured that every piece is in good condition, as they only buy and sell undamaged pieces. Anything brought in to swap that doesn’t sell is then donated to the Salvation Army.

Scouring the racks to find the perfect dress.

The best thing about SWOP is the eclectic range of pieces on display: amazing vintage dresses, 80s power suits (think shoulder pads), unworn brand new clothes and beautiful vintage handbags. The highlight of my trip was finding a matching Bart Simpson skirt and top. The design was originally introduced in 2012 by fashion icon Jeremy Scott, a designer for Moschino, who is known for incorporating pop-culture references into his designs. Ever since I saw Cara Delevingne wear this outfit, I’ve lusted after it. It really was my lucky day, because I managed to buy the ensemble for just $40!

This is the Bart Simpson outfit!

Racks and racks of incredible vintage pieces.

The vintage handbags on display

As well as selling women’s clothing, they also sell men’s too! I saw some really cool vintage t-shirts from the 80s and 90s and a whole range of jackets and collared shirts. If you’re shopping with a man, let him loose in the men’s section and after he’s done, he can chill out on the lovely green velvet couch while you try on outfits.

The range of men’s clothing available at SWOP

The green couch to chill out on

There’s a really positive vibe at SWOP and if you haven’t already been – head on down ASAP!

Signing off….The Vintage Fox

Visit SWOP at 93 Boundary Street, West End and check out their website for trading hours

Words by Bianca Scargill | Images by John Colombo