This week I break away from coffee shops by heading to Tliscious along Grey Street in South Bank, welcoming passers-bys with it’s friendly and welcoming green interior.

The airy shop is chockablock with all manner and variety of teas; from herbals, green teas, black teas, and white teas. Also stocked are a variety of organic Australian-grown teas.

Tea-lovers are sure to find their favourite variety, and perhaps a new favourite too amongst the vast amount of teas.

Having been open for around eight and a half-years, Tlicious breaks away from the now all too familiar coffee shops that seemingly take up every second shop in South Bank.

Having been in Brisbane long before the likes of T2, Tlicious has stuck with it’s belief of being a teashop first and foremost.

“We wanted to stick with tea,” Mary McMahon, co-owner said.

Along with the great variety of teas they sell to take home, there is also a tearoom, where you can sit in and enjoy a tea of your choice.

Large windows throughout the entirety of the shop offer fantastic views of the outside world, making for a great place to relax somewhere quieter with a great book, family or friends.

Not to miss out on the great weather either, there are also tables and chairs out on the pavement, allowing you to catch some rays while you enjoy sipping on your tea.

And finally, there are also plenty of freshly baked scones, cookies and cakes to complement that cup of tea – to round off the perfect teashop.

I was treated to a pot of Golden Monkey – a black tea with a very fruity aroma.

Pleasantly presented, along with cup and saucer, jug of milk and sugar, Tliscious’s passion for tea is certainly noticeable.

The tea-timer adds to that, letting you know the perfect amount of time your tea should brew in order for you to enjoy the tea’s full flavour.

“It’s a little ceremony,” Mrs McMahon explains cheerfully.

The Golden Monkey, along with it’s cheeky name, has a playful fruity aroma and aroma – making for a light and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed just as much with or without sugar and milk.

All in all, Tliscious offers something refreshingly different, and does so really well; a sure place to stop over.