Taste the delights of Mexican cuisine in acclaimed restaurateur Ricardo Amare del Castillo’s latest cookbook, Tacos.

Prepare a South American feast in your own home with this guide to creating authentic Mexican flavours with fresh ingredients and mouthwatering recipes. Add another cuisine to your cooking repertoire and prepare beautiful meals full of spice that will shake up your weekly meal routine.

The simple recipes provide easy-to-follow instructions that will inspire you to cook up a tasty meal, even after the exhaustion of an eight hour work day. Tickle your taste buds with vibrant images of delicious tacos decorating the pages of the cookbook, and sample 50 delicious recipes before frying up your favourite taco mix over and over again.

The recipes are suited for any and all types of eating habits, with beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian tacos all on the menu. There’s no need to purchase dull store-bought sauces, as each recipe will include ingredients and instructions on how to create divine sauces from scratch.

The creator of this staple cookbook, Ricardo Amare del Castillo, shares his favourite flavour combinations.

As a young, passionate, Mexican boy, he was always proud of his heritage and had the drive to become a restauranteur.

The Castillo family lived by their passion for tacos, often chanting “tacos are life, and life is tacos.”

Channelling this homegrown passion, Ricardo spotted a hearty gap in the market and seized the opportunity to share his love of Mexican cuisine.

South American culture is one the oldest in history and continues to rework and explore ancient flavours.

Ricardo has successfully developed and opened several restaurants in pursuit of his dream of owning taquerias bars across the world. Driven by his passion to introduce everyone to authentic Mexican cuisine – but most importantly tacos – Ricardo’s latest foodie creation is a must to sample the true taste of Mexico.

Tacos will be in stores and available to purchase online by early December.