Be dazzled by the sheer power, precision and energy of Taikoz 4tet Live when the celebrated Sydney-based taiko ensemble’s four-piece perform at the Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC) on Friday 3 May.

Formed in 1997, Taikoz are credited with not only being an early Australian taiko ensemble, but for broadly expanding Australian interest in this dynamic Japanese percussion style. Since 1997 Taikoz has developed an international reputation for vibrant performances that couple explosive energy and extreme dynamism with refinement and grace. From the most delicate melodies of the shakuhachi to the thunderous impact of the odaiko, Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic.

The performance group may be small but the four Taikoz dynamos conjure an energetic, dramatic, and at times, explosive set that has all the hallmarks of the full-piece ensemble. The Performance is designed for intimate spaces that allow the audience to hear and feel the rhythm and emotion as the players do, Taikoz 4tet Live! is an exhilarating program that begins with Waves. Ian Cleworth’s mesmerising, virtuosic, poly-rhythmic two-tone slung-drum solo continues to burn in energy until the soaring, uplifting finale.

The concert features unique drama, vibrancy and musicality that Taikoz is famous for, Taikoz 4tet Live! delves deeply into the roots of the taiko drum, with a contemporary twist. From the small, high-pitched shimedaiko to the deep base tones of the odaiko, Taikoz’s taiko combine with soulful singing and spirited movement to create a varied and entertaining concert suitable for all ages.

Taikoz Quartet! premiered in Sydney at the Darling Quarter Theatre ito a full house and recently performed at the Bellingen Fine Music Festival. With four performers, a multitude of drums and the Shinobue (Japanese flute), audiences will be swept up on a thrilling musical journey in the intimate setting of the QMC.

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