When the words ‘bubble tea’ are mentioned, a lot of emotions spring to the forefront of my mind. Tea is always a good bet, but there is something intimidating about pieces of tapioca floating in my drink. `Drinks done differently’, however, is Tapi’s motto.

Standing tall and proud of the bubble tea name is Tapi, a sleek store popping with colour and personality. Nestled in the heart of the South Bank Parklands, Suzanne and Brett Lang’s new venture serves up a wide range of bubble tea, sweets and grilled cheese sandwiches.

As a natural sweet tooth, I had my eye on a few of the more decadent varieties, Salted Caramel Milk Tea, Espresso and the ever-popular Taro quelling the cravings of my sugary mind. But, as I perused their menu board, I found myself turning more towards the fresher, fruitier options like Watermelon and Pineapple. The owner’s pick? Suzanne’s favourite is the passionfruit bubble tea.

I also could not pass up the opportunity to try their limited Instagram worthy Unicorn Milkshake, a child’s wildest dream of fairy floss, popping candy and bubble-gum extravaganza. I could taste that sugar overload for hours after.

I ordered, after much deliberation, the Watermelon bubble tea with all the trimmings. To my surprise, I discovered that their lovely tea is brewed fresh every day, and their tapioca is carefully created every few hours to bring an authentic bubble tea experience to South Bank. The menu stays true to the drink’s wild, diverse flavours, a trend which first emerged in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since spread as a worldwide obsession. Tapi’s success is not a surprise, given that the team has been finessing their bubble tea skills for more than six years.

Tapi started out as market stall in Manhattan, where it also sold Dutch pancakes. When the team moved back to Brisbane, they hawked their love of iced tea at various markets and events, including in West End and South Bank, and as a pop-up where Tapi currently resides.

When the opportunity arose for a permanent store in the Parklands, Tapi was born.

As a constant consumer of iced tea, and someone who never likes to pass up an opportunity, I revelled in the sweet drinks, but I heed a fair warning to those with a more savoury inclined tongue. They do have coffee and toasted sandwiches instead. To accommodate every sweet tooth, tapioca and coconut jelly do not have be included in each drink, and brownie toppers are an indulgent addition.

Their catchphrase, ‘drinks done differently’ allows Tapi to expand and explore the boundaries of iced and bubble tea. I even had the privilege to hear about their new variety that’s coming out next month for a limited time. I will not reveal too much, but I can definitely say that there will be colour and science involved. Tapi has some exciting menu options coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for some colourful, irresistible teas and drinks circulating Brisbane and Instagram.

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