Kindness is an unlimited resource from which Author and Illustrator Meredith Gaston wants everyone to take, receive and share. The Art of Kindness is her own contribution to this universal cause, hoping to foster thoughtfulness in people and their homes. “There could be no greater time than now to deeply understand and practice the art of kindness in daily life,” Meredith said. “In this busy, bustling and impatient world we call home, a world that too often seems brash, disconnected and overwhelming, kindness remains a breath of fresh air, a life-affirming anchor.”

Pairing simple and underrated words with soft floral colours and light drawings, Meredith’s creation acts as a reminder of the power of kind thoughts. The book is divided into three parts – Kindness and Self-Care, Connective Kindness and Kindness Towards Our Earth, representing the limitless capabilities of this common quality.

Meredith is an internationally acclaimed Australian illustrator and the author of five internationally successful books. She also exhibits original works in high-profile galleries locally and overseas, and collaborates with brands to bring her joyful signature style to commercial and charitable enterprise.

Her past collaborations range from a series of exclusive wine labels designed for bestselling winery Mondo Imports to a stationery and sleepwear range she developed with Sussan Corporation Australia that raised over a million dollars in support of women affected by breast cancer.

Meredith lives with her husband on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria surrounded by a generous garden with wildlife, fruit trees and a creek, providing her with endless joy and inspiration that she radiates through The Art of Kindness.

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