When people think of his holiness, the Dalai Lama, a word that comes to mind almost every time is peace. He is a man who encompasses the belief of peace wholeheartedly throughout his daily life.

As a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his “non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet”, Tenzin Gyatso continues to be the drive for policies of non-violence when dealing with inter-religious understanding, universal responsibility and compassion. Many of us know him as the man leading the way in inter-religious harmony and understanding, but very few of us have met the man behind the title of, “His Holiness.”

The Dalai Lama will turn 80 on the July 6, and to celebrate he will be undertaking an Ocean of Wisdom trip by visiting three cities in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane and Perth – as well as a private visit to Uluru.

His Holiness is scheduled to lead almost two days of teaching referred to as Nargajuna’s Precious Garland for the wider Buddhist Community in Brisbane. Because of the high amount of interest shown in previous visits by the Dalai Lama, His Holiness has offered to lead a Highest Yoga Tantra and Teaching for serious Buddhist practitioners, which will be held in the Blue Mountains.

While in Brisbane, he will be participating in a Multi Faith Event. The Australian Tibetan Community will contribute to his birthday celebrations by holding a special Long Life Ceremony after he completes the Retreat Teaching and Initiation in the Blue Mountains.

His words of wisdom will be heard at public talks in the Blue Mountains, Brisbane and Perth as well as addressing audiences at the Happiness & it’s Causes Conference, which he has done in previous visits.

Witnessing His Holiness in Australia will be a cherished experience and may be a life changing event for many attendees. It most definitely should bring to fruition many thoughts about peace and the wider community.

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to be in Brisbane mid-June. More information can be found online about this event.

Words by Ailish Parr