If you are one of those people who still think circuses are strictly for children, then you must not have been to one in a couple of decades.  Since Cirque du Soliel, the circus has become increasing sophisticated.  Le Noir typifies the ‘new’ circus.

Le Noir combines cabaret, comedy and circus acts. It reminds the audience that the human body is capable of many incredible feats. “Doesn’t it make you want to go to the gym?” the lady next to me asked. True enough!  Only people who have worked out for years could be that supple. One act involved a gymnast doing flips blindfolded on a bar-not impressed? Well that bar was in another person’s hands!


Breathtaking stunts at Le Noir

The performances are electrifying. Twenty-two talents fill the stage with contemporary ballet, gymnastics, strength and aerial acts. It was surprising to witness so much happening on one circular stage at the Lyric Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Le Noir takes the audience to different worlds – a funny French picnic follows a sexy Las Vegas show. Without giving too much away, the final act involves sequences of ‘controlled falling’ that kept the audience white knuckled. In two hours, the senses are dazzled with lights and music as the performers bring each vignette to life. But don’t be fooled, under the visual spectacle lurk complex visual metaphors of love, power and sex–lots of sex.

 Le Noir is definitely entertaining and definitely NOT child’s play.

 The show is on until 17 August at QPAC