At Pulse Travel’s inception in 1989, Stan Klinakis founded the Diamond Club as a way to show his appreciation by gifting staff a one carat diamond for every 10 years of service. To date, they have seven team members on one carat, three team members on two carats, and one lucky team member has even received three diamonds. That is a total of 11 carats over 30 years – and most of the team are still with Pulse Travel to this day. Now, Lisa Betts has also been welcomed into the club for 10 dedicated years of service.

With over 30 years in the industry, including 10 years with Ansett Australia and now 10 years with Pulse Travel, Betts has always had a passion for corporate travel which is shown from her loyalty to the industry. For those that know her, when asked what makes working with her so great, they reply that it is down to her great sense of humour towards both colleagues and clients.

Betts was quoted saying, “the working lifestyle at Pulse Travel is second to none. We are all here in the pursuit of excellence for our clients and whilst this is paramount, Pulse Travel understands that there is also a need for work/life balance, we all work well as a team and this is a major drawing card for both staff and clients alike.”

Klinakis said that “staff satisfaction has, and will always be, a focal point for our business. We are here not only to build a successful business, but also to have fun along the way. Ensuring our employees are motivated, supported and grow with the Pulse family is something we pride ourselves on.” He credits Pulse Travel’s success to its formidable teamwork. “Without a dedicated team behind you, you can’t move forward. I couldn’t be prouder to reward Lisa with a diamond, her loyalty to Pulse Travel is appreciated beyond words.”

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