Last Sunday morning I was treated to the epitome of luxury, pampering and relaxation at Solsis Luxe Skin Suites, West End. 

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of meeting Todd Wilkinson who is a total doll!

We start with a full consultation which lasts about 30 minutes – during this time, we talk about my skin, what products I currently use, how often I see a professional to have it treated.

The next hour is spent in paradise as I am cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised like a queen – my skin has never known such pleasure!

The executive team at Solsis Luxe Skin Suites travel the world to source the very best in modern skincare treatments and products, often before a new biotechnology even reaches Australian shores.

This is not a ‘fluff’ facial.

This is a facial unlike any I have ever experienced – or that I think I am likely to experience again anytime soon.

During my cleansing, Todd uses a special machine that feels like tiny tickly static over my skin – this blasts the cleanser into the skin and actually lifts out impurities and dirt from below the first surface of skin.

He then uses two magnets, yes; you read right, magnets that are activated by a special cream that he gently glides over my skin. There is a whole science behind the currents to awaken the skin cells and refresh and energise the skin.

The whole experience was completely educational and eye opening and most importantly, backed by research and by science.

Immediately after and two days later, my skin looks and feels like new – It’s soft, revitalised, brightened, any hint of dryness and fatigue has left the building ladies and gents!

One thing is for sure, I’d be happy to leave my skin in the very soft and magical hands of the team and Solsis and will be recommending you all drop in and see what I’m fussing about.

A truly amazing experience, right here, by the river, at West End.

Until next week…


A xx

Photos by Kymberley Rauber

 Solsis Luxe Skin Suites is located at 45 Duncan Street West End and are run by Daniel T. Jess and Todd Wilkinson.