Many would argue the best baked goods are handmade by an Italian nonna, but now aspiring bakers can indulge in sweet Italian treats at home with new cookbook The Sweet Life: Home-Baking and Sweet Treats Italian Style.

uthor Liliana Battle grew up surrounded by Italian baking and an inherited love of food. She knows the comforting smell of a cake in the oven or the reassuring rattle of the biscuit jar being brought down from the top shelf.

For her (and most Italians), baking is family time. It is licking the spoon and sneaking a treat fresh out of the oven, before it has been iced.

Baking is not an activity, it is a feeling, a way of life – this is what she wants to share and reintegrate into the modern family kitchen.

From the everyday to the indulgent, Battle’s Italian bakes are filled with fruits, citrus, nuts, coffee, spices, liqueur, custards, mascarpone and chocolate. They are created to be shared and eaten without guilt.

From traditional favourites like Brutti Ma Buoni (translation: ugly but good) biscuits, to new twists, including fig, mascarpone and honey sponge cake, these tasty recipes are undeniably mouthwatering.

She embraces the multiculturalism of modern Australia and integrates her current home favourites with her Calabrese heritage.

The Sweet Life will be Liliana’s third cookbook, following the success of her other Italian Style editions: Easy Home Cooking and Food For Sharing. Her passion for cooking was reignited after appearing on Masterchef Australia in 2013. She believes the heart of the home is the table, not the kitchen, where food is shared and memories are made. Her recipes are designed to bring families together, throughout the entire process… from bake to first bite.

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