The Tough Spot is a gym that lives up to its name. This week, I discovered just how ‘tough’ you have to be to reach your fitness goals. I took on the infamous Caveman Circuit Training class and felt super energised by the end of it. 

The essence of The West End Magazine this season is healthy living. In light of this, I decided to kick start my own health and fitness regime. Lucky for me, the 4101 is abundant in health oriented places. This week I started with a little bit of light exercise…or not so light as I discovered. The Tough Spot’s Caveman Circuit Training  is said to be one of the toughest group fitness classes you can do. So of course I opted for, not the beginner, but the intermediate level class to try out. I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous; Was my fitness level up to scratch? Was the chocolate chip muffin I ate earlier a big mistake? My worries soon dissolved as I was placed in the hands of the (incredibly fit and tough-looking) trainer, Taco Fleur, and his band of exercise junkies. In fact, I ended up having A LOT of fun.

The warm-up consisted of exercises like ‘fast feet’, burpees, push-ups (yes, I said push-ups!) and star jumps. And that was just the beginning! The circuit itself focused on a raw, caveman-like regime of exercises using things like tyres, hammers and weights, targeting every area of the body. I liked that it was never boring because we were constantly changing and doing something different. My favourite exercises included the Explosive Jumping Jacks (it meant I could jump around and go a bit crazy) and the Hammer Slamming (I’m not sure if that is the technical term) whereby I could let off some steam by lifting a hammer high above my head and slamming it down onto a rubber tyre. I definitely recommend trying out Caveman Circuit Training at The Tough Spot in West End. By the end of the class I felt fit, energised and positive.