The Yiros Shop, spread across five locations in Brisbane, is taking Greek food to the next level – and it is not just its famous Yiros that has Greek food fanatics begging for more. Sure, traditional Greek Yiros may be what they do best – a fluffy fresh pita, scorched lightly on the grill, filled with juicy pork, chicken or lamb, ripe tomato, red onion, parsley, tzatziki and chips. However, foodies may be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of delicious Greek classics The Yiros Shop has to offer.

Tasting the menu, for entrée, we were greeted with pieces of warm pita bread paired with an array of creamy dips – tzatziki, garlic aioli and a secret special sauce. As delicious as they looked, I could not keep my eyes off the halloumi chips sitting beside them. Coated with a golden, crispy crumb they were great to look at and even better to eat. Already full, we were anxiously waiting for more. Next came a little bit of everything – and when I say a little bit, I mean a lot. Juicy pork, lamb, chicken and calamari all beautifully cooked graced our table accompanied with more chips – potato, sweet potato and even pastry! And of course, it would not have been a Greek feast without some melt-in-your-mouth halloumi.

In classic Greek nature, the staff at The Yiros Shop went above and beyond to make sure our stomachs were satisfied. Even when we assured them they were, dessert was soon on its way. And how can you say no to baklava? The sweet filo pastry filled with syrup and nuts was the perfect end to The Yiros Shop experience.

The word “hangry” sits on the wall of The Yiros Shop with the definition – a state of anger fuelled by hunger; a cranky state resulting from lack of food, in particular a lack of Yiros. Rest assured that by the time you leave, your hanger will be cured.

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