Bastard Territory, performed by the Queensland Theatre Company, is a confessional drama following a young man on his quest to carve out his own identity. The performance is full of humour and emotion, and is a must-watch production.

Papua New Guinea-born Russel (Benhur Helwend) grew up thinking he was adopted by white parents Lois (Lauren Jackson) and Neville (Peter Norton/Steven Tandy). They lived together as a family in Darwin, until Russel learns the truth – or part of it – Lois, the adoptive mother who abandoned him when he was eight-years-old, was actually his real mother, but his biological father was a mystery.

This truth brings us to Darwin, 2001, where Russel runs The Tectonic Plate, a hip cafe, with his partner, Alistair (Peter Norton). Russel’s desire to find his biological parents starts to splinter all his important relationships, and things only get more complicated when his childhood friend, Aspasia (Ella Watson-Russell), comes home for a visit.

Bastard Territory will take you along Russel’s own emotional rollercoaster, bringing you many laughs and maybe some tears as well. Each actor/actress delivers an emotionally convincing performance that is guaranteed to draw you in.

Bastard Territory was written by Stephen Carleton (The Narcissist and Patrick White Playwrights’ Award-winner Constance Drinkwater and the Final Days of Somerset) and is running at the Queensland Theatre Company from April 6 to April 16. You can purchase tickets here.

Words by Emma Johnson
Image supplied by Queensland Theatre Company