Year 12 student Savanh Hepperlin played a leading role as Tiffany Houston in Brisbane State High School’s 2019 School Production, BACK TO THE 80’S! The Totally Awesome Musical, written by Neil Gooding, in May.

The show was staged at Schonell Theatre at The University of Queensland, where more than 100 students had the opportunity to experience performing in a professionally equipped theatre. For Savanh, the role was a dream in the making. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of a musical, especially a lead role in my final year of high school,” she said. “I want to pursue The Arts after school; more specifically, professional singing and acting.” Savanh enjoyed portraying Tiffany, a bubbly and fun character. “My character is a popular girl who is quite oblivious to the things surrounding her, such as narrator/lead character Corey Palmer’s love for her.”

Savanh said highlights of the School Production included learning the songs, staging the scenes and choreography for her role, as well as the weekly rehearsals and working together with the cast. “I learnt about behind the scenes aspects of the production and I really appreciate and respect everyone involved who worked so hard to make the musical such a success. I worked alongside different vocalists and actors, which helped me to improve my singing and acting,” she said.

Prior to this performance, Savanh was also a part of the school’s 2017 School Production, The Streets of Brisbane.

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