Seeking a remedy for stress and the opportunity to reset herself, Marilyn Kleemann ventured into the outback on a journey of physical, mental, and emotional healing. Eight months on, she shares what she discovered. 

Thoughts and feelings are everything. As my journey of self-discovery continues, I am gaining an insight into how my thoughts, which generate my feelings, which creates my emotions, have a profound result in my decision process, which is expressed in my resulting experiences. There is an equal and opposite to every emotion we feel, like two ends of the same stick. Love and hate. Freedom and enslavement. Joy and sadness. Gratitude and pessimism. Appreciation and sarcasm. Feelings of love, freedom, joy, positivity, gratitude and appreciation, create an energy within of exuberance, vibrancy and aliveness. With eyes wide open, beauty is seen all around like that of a personal shield where nothing can penetrate your amour of joy.

The opposite end of that stick is feelings of hatred, enslavement, sadness, pessimism and sarcasm. These feelings create an energy of lack, depression, searching to fill the unknown void, low self-esteem and hopelessness. We have all encountered people or experienced ourselves, expressing these feelings. People who are joyous, optimistic, caring and positive are easy to be in the presence of. They often appear to radiate a beauty other than physical appearance. People who express pessimism, sarcasm, anger, judgement, depression and hopelessness are not easy to be in the presence of. They’re draining. To use an analogy, it is no different to magnets, with a north and south pole at each end; essentially two ends of the same stick.

The north pole will attract the south pole of another magnet, pulling each other together but two north poles placed together will repel one another. Therefore, whatever thoughts, feelings, words, experiences you’re expressing, more of the same will be attracted to you – positive and negative. Thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions of joy, love, hope, compassion and positivity, will attract people, experiences and circumstances which align to those thoughts and feelings. Thoughts, feelings and expressions of resentment, lack, ugliness, despair, anger and repression will also attract because that’s where the focus lies. The happy and joyful people will repel the negative, pessimistic people, and vice versa. To align yourself with your passion, with eyes closed, use the power of imagery to create in your mind, the circumstances you wish to live. Feel the feelings of it, now. That is what attracts the people, places and opportunities to move you to where you desire to be.

Thoughts and feelings are everything.

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