Jason Grant and Marilyn Trad founded the TRACE art exhibition and auction in 2015. This year, the third TRACE sees artworks from 33 artists hanging in 19 different venues in Boundary and Vulture Streets, West End.

The exhibition runs from 8 to 24 August, then the work will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the artists, and to Community Plus+ to fund work with marginalised and vulnerable community members.The last TRACE raised more than $62,000 for Community Plus+.  “I love that TRACE creates a buzz within the community every day of the exhibition, and that it can be enjoyed by everyone,” says Marilyn Trad.

Co-founder Jason Grant said, “TRACE was created so people could encounter remarkable works of art unexpectedly as they go about their day-to-day lives.”

The artists are chosen through collaboration with a curator  who works with Brisbane’s best commercial galleries and selects some of Australia’s leading artists. This year, artists have chosen or been paired with the work of earlier career artists. Artist works will hang side by side, highlighting the creative support and exchange between generations of artists. There is also a virtual tour with a geolocated phone app that will guide people to the artworks and offer interviews and biographies of the artists and information about the artwork and even a brief snapshot of the venues’ history. This year TRACE will have more in person tours to keep up with demand.

Co-founder Marilyn Trad does not have a favourite but highly recommends visiting the exhibition “I can’t just pick one! There are 33 amazing works in this exhibition and I’d have any one of them in my home,” she said. However Jason Grant has an artwork he highly recommends,  “They’re all great. But I do love Richard Bell’s ‘Dornoch Philosophy’ with its ‘RIOT DON’T DIET’ advice, appropriated from footpath graffiti near my home. It’s a motto to live by.”

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