West End dance academy, Rio Rhythmics, will be offering 4101 residents the opportunity to try Tango dancing for free, hot on the heels of the success of the Tango Fire production, recently held at South Brisbane’s QPAC.

Following an outpouring of interest from potential clients, Rio Rhythmics are holding a free ”Tango Taster” event on Saturday 10 September, to promote their upcoming 12-week tango starter course, at the end of September. The come-and-try type session is an opportunity for people to get involved with the Latin dance style, which has taken the local area by storm, as well as for those looking for a creative outlet or inspiration for date night.

Established in 1994, and based in West End, Rio Rhythmics offer Latin Dance classes in Brisbane. Rio Rhythmics say that Tango has been described as ”a way of making something beautiful, with someone you don’t know yet”, and their Brazillian born director, Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco, echoed this sentiment. ”Tango stands apart from any other Latin style”, Mr Teatini-Climaco said. ”I fell in love with the detail, the focus on alignment, the balance and harmony”.

Mr Teatini-Climaco fell in love with Tango 20 years ago, and has pioneered the establishment of Tango in the Brisbane area.

As director of the academy, Mr Teatini-CLimaco and Rio Rhythmics have bought the joy of connecting with other through Latin dance to over 35,000 people, and continue to innovate in the world of adult dance tuition.

Information about Rio Rhythmics can be found on their website.

Words by Matt Taylor
Images supplied by Rio Rhythmics