Relatively new kids to the block are Two Trees, a humble little cafe tucked away along Vulture Street, with a friendly atmosphere. Behind the coffee machine are Jordan Lamas and Mim Fergie, who welcomingly greet me as they take my order before buckling away.

Having been open for just 10 months, the little cafe is bustling with walker-bys and sit-ins. Lost in amongst an urban jungle, Two Trees is lodged in between an Asian grocery store and clothing boutique, where the hum and drone of traffic mumbles through somewhat subtly.

Priding itself for its alfresco attitude and styling, the cafe boasts a vintage collection of tables and chairs made up of what could have been your grandmother’s outdoor furniture. These are decorated with intriguing moss gardens, a miniature jungle within the confines of a sightly jar, complete with their own prowling jaguars.

But I digress. Coffee, that is why I’m here. Two Trees only sell hot drinks. “It’s all we do, so we got to do it well,” Jordan insists. And with that they don’t disappointment, putting a great deal of heart and effort into each cup.

After a night of little sleep, I am in dire need of a good coffee, and I am not let down. Jordan hastily whips up my cappuccino, with its sumptuous smooth foam layer making my eyes glaze over, a lifeline. Crafted with beans from Mambo Coffee, a Queensland-based company who source their organic beans from all over the world’s best coffee-producing countries, the coffee is deeply strong, with a hint of smokiness.