Tyrone Clearly is the founder of Brisbane-based lighting company, TY Designs, specialising in bespoke noise-reducing pendant lighting that aims at improving the ambiance and interior spacing of offices and high-end homes.

TY Designs has worked on a number of high-end fit-outs for clientele across Australia since 2015, its versatile pendant lighting suitable for a range of spaces. According to Tyrone Cleary, designing a modern working and living space can be tricky due to the hard surfaces in the building. These hard surfaces reflect sound waves, thereby creating an excessively noisy environment. Tyrone’s bespoke lighting is designed to cancel out noise, great for offices and living spaces alike.

One of Tyrone’s clever designs is the one.two – it is a medium-sized pendant light made of a sound absorbing textile. This textile gives architects, interior designers, home and business owners an attractive and functional way to fight noise. Tyrone was inspired by a Scandinavian designer when he created the one.two pendant lighting, with its modern curvaceous fluted design comprised of twelve fins, it brings a sense of modernity to any room. The one.two can be installed stand-alone or in clusters of three or more. “It’s becoming a commonplace for interior designs to be largely comprised of solid and dense surfaces,” Tyrone says. “Whether it’s polished concrete or hardwood floors, timber furnishings or solid set walls and ceilings, our interiors have an inability to absorb or reduce noise.”

Noise pollution is an issue in places where you naturally would expect a higher noise volume such as, clubs, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms and our homes. Many people are unaware of the negative impacts of excessive noise in our daily lives however, it has the ability to increase our fatigue and stress levels. “Our lives are increasingly becoming integrated with technology, and we seem to have multiple appliances and devices simultaneously generating a mass of noise. It’s no wonder our home and work spaces are increasingly becoming impacted by noise issues,” Tyrone said.

According to Tyrone, various office spaces are heavily dominated by pendant lights constructed predominately from metal, timber, glass and ceramic. These materials are known to create a large excess of noise however, with the one.two collection it offers a unique point of difference. “Using a textile-based material as the mainstay for our pendant lighting designs gives us another excellent advantage,” says Tyrone. “It’s a rarely used for medium pendant lighting and it gives our designs a pleasing subtle appeal that is exceptionally easy to integrate into almost any environment.”

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