Imagine a world where fashion is created with a conscience. A world where designers use locally sourced organic fabrics and hand-make their clothing in Australia. Well, this world does in fact exist, and it’s fabulous!

On Saturday (11th October) Undress Runways’ held its fourth Brisbane show. The show’s aim is to make you think about where your clothes come from. It’s all about supporting the creation and production of ethically made clothing, whilst providing a truly fabulous and professional fashion show.

West End’s trendy Factory One warehouse was transformed into a luxurious fashion jungle. Think enormous pillars enclosed with palm fronds and leaves, with the models gliding through them as if it were a rainforest floor. It was truly an otherworldly, eco-fashion experience.

With just under 30 designers showing their sustainable creations, it was an eventful night. Some highlights included Mango Rains’ striking prints and bold colours, Fabled and True’s vintage-inspired dresses and Alice Nightingale’s high-waisted swimwear.


Each designer had a point of difference and each was arresting. Undress Runways 2014 really highlighted how important eco-fashion is and how using organic fabrics or simply having clothing made locally, can positively impact the Australian fashion industry. Fast fashion is a thing of the past!

The show was split into four events. Each event showcased different designers. The main event and platinum label for the show was Mango Rains and they absolutely nailed it!


As the night came to an end and guests finished their organic cocktails (served in coconuts), the general consensus was that ethically made and designed fashion is really about to take off in Australia. This year’s event saw the release of Naked magazine – a publication designed to educate sustainability in fashion. Simon from Ethical Clothing Australia presented an award to Kind Clothing Co for their outstanding contribution to the industry.


Undress Runways is an annual event and it will feature an additional Sydney show in 2015, as well as Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

So tomorrow morning when you’re getting dressed, have a think about where your clothes came from.


Words by Bianca Scargill | Mango Rains created my outfit for the evening. The fruitful necklace is from RaRa Superstar.

Images by John Colombo and Rosemary van de Linde


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