I expected the massive warehouse space that is Vast Interior to be slightly overwhelming; however I found it was the opposite.

Walking into Vast, you will be greeted instantly with the beginning of their furniture and home ware range, some even outside the doors. The huge numbers of products are displayed in every nook and cranny of the shop somehow without giving it a crammed appearance. I definitely think the high reaching warehouse roof makes the room feel more spacious and open. Vast Interior is home to the biggest showroom in Brisbane so I would definitely leave a fair bit of time to browse through Vast, as there is too much to see in a rush. As the manager Donna said, you could get lost in here!

The Vast philosophy is to focus on sustainable living through recycling and reusing ethically sourced timber. The most common plantation timber used by Vast is Mango timber. When Mango timber is about 25 years old it stops bearing fruit and becomes barren, it is then chopped down and burnt. Vast imports this timber all the way from India before it can be burnt to reuse as furniture. One of the things I love the most about the beautiful timber tables and chairs is that no one loses! The farmers are not losing any money; in fact reusing the timber once they are no longer usable in India is becoming an industry within an industry. Donna said that Vast has worked really hard to bring Mango to the forefront of furniture, and I can see why.

Roaming around Vast I saw an enormous range of furniture, homewares and artwork. Nearly all of them have overseas origins and a story behind them. One of my favourite products was the old doors. The size of the doors alone is impressive; and Donna confirmed they were extremely heavy so if you do invest in one you might need to invest in a small crane as well to get it home! The doors were salvaged from fallen or demolished houses. I could definitely see my own front door being replaced with one of these beauties. The smaller homewares such as the hand painted whisky bottles I loved as well and looked really quirky and cool placed upon one of Vast’s signature tables.

The prices do vary, as does the range of products however Vast is known for its quality of timber tables. They are made to last! The earthy, warm colours show the soul and depth of recycled pieces and the staff are more than happy to help you navigate through the options.

Harriet Hall