Southbank’s Spanish-inspired Chocolateria San Churro has launched its latest vegan range, taking their total vegan offering to more than 40 products. This is the brand’s next big step in its inclusive ‘mi casa su casa’ commitment to customers.

Customers have been introduced to the menu’s new hero, vegan milk chocolate, which boasts the same creamy deliciousness of regular milk chocolate, without any overpowering base flavours (like coconut); and contains 37 per cent cocoa. San Churro’s new vegan milk chocolate can be enjoyed with more than 11 new products; including the decadent Velvety Vegan hot chocolate; and the Queen Vegan churros snack pack; mini churros dusted in cinnamon sugar, lathered in melted vegan milk chocolate and topped with smashed Oreos and fresh strawberries.

Other vegan menu items include the Cookie Butter Obsessed Buñuelos Snack Pack, Happy Vegan 2.0 Ice Cream Churro Bowl, Vegan Milk Chocolate Dip, Drop & Choc Hot Chocolate, Cookie Butter Hot Chocolate, Traditional Hot Chocolate, Vegan Milk Chocolate Shake and the Piña Paradise Smoothie. Each delicious menu item ensuring it is free from animal products but still maintaining the delicious chocolate goodness expected from San Churro.

National Marketing Manager Tarran Grummisch said San Churro’s customers have influenced the new menu. “Over the last year, our vegan range has grown exponentially in response to the overwhelming feedback we have received from customers,” said Grummisch. “The brand is committed to being inclusive of all dietary needs, delivering memorable shared dessert experiences to all people. As our customers’ needs change, so do we.”

The new vegan milk chocolate has also received the tick of approval from San Churro’s ongoing goodwill partner, PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals); “The addition of even more vegan items – including vegan milk chocolate – to the San Churro menu is very exciting and yet more proof that delicious animal and planet-friendly vegan options are a must for any food outlet,” says PETA’s  Emily Rice.

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