Australian juice bar Boost Juice has joined forces with Vegemite to combine chocolate, vanilla yoghurt, banana and a hint of the salty Australian icon to create a drink that will be served throughout winter.

Managing Director of Boost Juice Claire Lauber is excited to bring this new smoothie flavour to the Australian public. “Vegemite really is a quintessential Australian favourite that many of our customers grew up with,” said Claire. “When we first thought of the idea for a Vegemite flavoured smoothie, we knew it was pretty out there. However Vegemite, when combined with the chocolate, banana and dates, really is delicious. The flavour profile is actually very similar to salted caramel – with an awesome Aussie twist, of course.”

The Vegemite Boost will be available as part of Boost Juice’s new Aussie Milk Bar Range, a collection of smoothies made with real fruit and an added Australian twist. The flavours on offer include the Vegemite Boost, and other Australian classics, Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream.

Chief Marketing Officer at Boost Juice Joanne Bradley says this unique take on an classic Australian favourite will be sure to excite customers. “We’re always looking to think outside the square when it comes to product development as we know our customers are at the forefront of the latest, and most innovative food trends,” said Joanne. Vegemite Marketing Manager Matt Gray is excited to see this iconic partnership come to life. “At Vegemite, we love hanging out with other iconic Aussie brands,” said Matt.

The Vegemite boost is available now and, admittedly, it looks delicious.

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