For many years, small businesses and individuals have been turning to co-working spaces to increase productivity and cut costs. Enter We Co-Work, West End’s newest and trendiest co-working space from Angus Munro of Marc and Co.

A West End local of more than 20 years, Munro’s architectural and business backgrounds, as well as the existing features of the Paris Street warehouse where the space is located, have all heavily influenced the design of the space. “The warehouse has a long history, so we wanted to maintain all of the existing features.  Guest arrive in the kitchen the social space, so they can be greeted by coffee and cake. We have lots of plants and natural light, because we believe these things make a work place better for your well-being. The furniture is arranged for different scale groups and individuals. It is open plan because we think random conversations lead to opportunities.”

Munro and wife Renata Oliveira, both having been small business owners, know how tough breaking into the game can be. “When we started our own businesses, it took years to get enough clients to afford an office with meeting rooms, photocopiers, showers, kitchens.” The aim of their new space is to offer business opportunities to those who “might be starting out, working at home or in-between stages of life.”

The members the space has already amassed ensure there is “never a dull moment”; public relations professional Caroline Gardam, Popsart’s Bec Mac, and the staff from architecture firm Marc&co are all regular residents of the space. “We cowork is setup to be a long lasting community,” Munro says. “The idea is to enable people to connect with the local art and design community.  There are talks and events about architecture, design and art on Fridays. There even is morning tea with freshly baked cakes most days.”

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