Coffee, a sweet, sweet word that brings joy to the lives of many caffeine-dependent people all around the world. Dwellers within the 4101 area are spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes and coffee shops, with one seemingly on each street corner. Walking about, you are almost guaranteed to hear the sounds of milk being steamed and the grinding of beans wafting about, along with the luxurious scent of roasted beans. But which of the abundance of places makes the best coffee? Follow me on my adventure of finding the holy grail of coffee in area 4101.

First of all, a little about me – I like things simple – nothing complicated. That’s with my coffee too, seldom moving away from a cappuccino. On the odd occasion, if I’m feeling particularly drained, a long black will bring me back to life. Anything else I stay away from. However, I believe these two examples provide a true insight into a place’s coffee-making capabilities – their apparent prowess. A lot of what makes a coffee shop great lies within the beans and milk used – essentially the fundamentals. Following that comes the Barista’s technique. The expectant result, a deep, rich, full-flavoured coffee that isn’t too milky or too weak.

Within the coffee world, there is a undeniable sense of snobbishness, with frequent upturning of noses at the mere mention of chain stores, bean choices, skinny or full-cream milk – the list goes on. Ultimately coffee choice is down to personal preference, along with many other things in life, it is just up to you to find what is best for yourself. So week after week, you will find what makes me tick as I venture from coffee shop to coffee shop, so you can hopefully enjoy the same pleasures as I. Enjoy.