Greetings, fellow 4101’ers, readers, and art lovers. Welcome to Exhibit 4101. This space will be a monthly blog about our local art scene, seen through my perspective.

I moved to Brisbane from Melbourne in 2006 with my partner Wen, looking for the perfect place to call home. It didn’t take us long to discover that 4101 was our favourite postcode, and that it no doubt represented ‘the arty’ side of town.

Incredibly, we managed to locate a vacant block of land in Highgate Hill, which we fell in love with straight away. It didn’t take long before a deal was closed. After all the various handshakes and transactions, I scribbled a few building designs down on a napkin and handed them over to a building company. A few months later, the home on the napkin became a reality.

Since then, I’ve loved every minute of living here in 4101. I especially love the natural beauty of the area, along with the culture, vibrancy and character of the place. There is a great creative atmosphere here, and it truly is an inspiring place to live and work as an artist. I’m very fortunate that I happen to live in the place that has given me such a rich source of inspiration for my work, namely the series West End in a Different Light.’

I spend a fair amount of my time going on field trips around the area, looking for inspiration for my paintings, and I rarely return home disappointed. There is always something interesting that captures my imagination––whether it be a new subject, a discovery of sorts, or a chance meeting with an interesting character.

The art scene in 4101 is flourishing. With such great diversity of new and established artists, world class events and exhibitions and so many different forms of art, there has never been more on offer for our senses.

It’s a real privilege for me to be able to bring you along on my field trips, exploring all things creative, and to paint you a clearer picture of what is happening in the art scene here in our own backyard. I look forward to discovering lots of amazing new art, people and places, and hope you will join me for the journey!