Colin Bushell - Junkyard Revelation

We are very excited to announce that The West End Magazine writer and photographer, Colin Bushell has won the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Award for 2015. His beautiful photograph, entitled ‘Junkyard Revelation’ depicts suspended dust in shafts of light at the Ferny Grove Transfer Centre.

The award forms part of the Brisbane Arts and Culture Innovation Awards 2015 and the ceremony was held tonight in the Ithaca Auditorium of Brisbane City Hall. Each year the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards is open to professional photographers to ‘submit images they feel represent an expressive, energetic and enthusiastic Brisbane’.

Colin captured ‘Junkyard Revelation’ while out doing a daily chore. “It was a spur of the moment thing,” he said. “A reminder that photographers should keep their camera on them at all times.”


The description of Colin’s winning photograph reads: “This photo was taken at the Ferny Grove Transfer Centre late last year (2014). A truck had just pushed a pile of rubbish to one side and created some dust. At that point the sun came out and beams burst through the ceiling fan vents, casting dramatic rays of light upon the rubbish below.”

We could not be happier for Colin in this wonderful achievement! Well done, Colin!