Why do we love dogs so much? Is it something about their wagging tails, open-mouthed, heavy pants and that eternally pleasant look on their face? Maybe it is because they give us purpose just as much as we give them purpose, truly living up to the title of ‘man’s best friend’? Or maybe it is as Wendy Harper feels, that a dog, no matter what, is always happy to see you and will just love you.

Wendy is the PDO Manager at the West End Post Office and long time local, but throughout the 4101 she is known as ‘the Dog Charmer,’ having developed a strong bond with many of the passing pooches in the area. “People would collect their mail with their dog and I’d give them a pat,” Wendy said, “then I started giving out small treats and it sort of started from there. I have a collection of regular dogs now that I see.”

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Wendy and her furry friends at the local post office

Wendy says that she has been doing this for around six years, but admits that it did not come out of nowhere. “In my younger days I cared for a lot of native animals, but I’m just an animal person in general. I had dogs on and off for about 20 years.” These days Wendy feels that being ‘the Dog Charmer’ and interacting with these casual canines allows her to hold onto that strong affinity for animals. “Where I live I’m only allowed a dog 5 kilograms or under, so I suppose you could say I’m living vicariously through the dogs.”

With a smile she admitted that while she loves every dog that she meets, there is one in particular they she holds a real bond with, Harry the Cocker Spaniel. “There’s just something about Harry, he’s so pleased to see me, just a beautiful natured dog.”

Words by Chris Seydel
Image supplied by Wendy Harper