The West End Company, created by newcomer Daniel Axiak, proves to be an Aladdin’s cave full of wonderful treasures.

I visited the warehouse at 222 Montague Road to find a mecca of furniture and local art. I would have to describe West End Co.’s furniture as being somewhere between that overpriced designer piece and the disposable flat packed piece of furniture we all know too well. West End Co. certainly provides a happy medium.


Daniel prides himself on stocking unique pieces of furniture that clients will fall in love with. The team are looking to expand to a second warehouse in the near future with the idea of housing incoming pieces from around the globe.

I asked Daniel how he would describe the furniture and homewares that West End Co. has to offer, he chose the word edgy, and added that this was particularly true when comparing his range with competitors. I would have to agree with, West End Co. certainly offers something different!


Somewhat hidden in a room within the warehouse are piles of gorgeous rugs, mostly sourced from Afghanistan. Daniel points out his favourite, a luxurious pattern with deep reds – absolutely beautiful.


Around another corner in the warehouse hangs the local art that Daniel is so passionate about, he houses works from local artists such as Ellie Anderson, Claudia Husband, Jess Lenton, Leecee Carmichael, and Jessica Grace.


Daniel is a West End convert, he loves the fact that it’s a quiet sleepy suburb, yet vibrant inner city community at the same time, not to mention the easy going and relaxed nature of West Enders.

Alexandra Jones