The much-anticipated annual West End Festival was again held on Saturday, October 11, at our iconic Boundary Street. The Festival is a vibrant celebration of everything community – and with West End being West End, everything delightfully quirky.

www.westendmagazine.comThe Boundary Street Markets, which played home to the Market Stage for the event, was already abuzz with locals at the event’s kick-off at 10am. Music lovers were grooving to happening beats at the Festival Lawn Stage beside the Markets. In fact, ‘happening’ is a great way to describe the crowd too: some danced in brightly coloured outfits, dreadlocks swishing in the wind, bare feet stomping on the grass.

In keeping with West End’s spirit of sharing and caring, there was also an opportunity for discussion with other community members. Those seeking refuge from the afternoon sun could watch a documentary on the last 30 years of West End arts and culture at the Westpac Carpark. This was followed by an hour-long discussion hosted by the Brisbane Free University, where attendees voiced their thoughts on how they wanted West End to grow.

The festivities got even livelier as the sun set and the crowds headed to the music stages – including one at Grill’d Burgers and one upstairs at 199A Boundary Street – for an evening gig fix. Meanwhile, it was difficult to escape the allure of the sassy sounds emanating from the Underground Stage (at the Westpac Carpark). Onlookers were even encouraged to grab a pair of earplugs (provided free of charge!) for those who felt it would improve their experience.

It’s always sad to see a neighbourhood and family-friendly Festival like this end, but great to know it will return next year!

Words by Rachel Lee | Images by Rachael Lee and Supplied by Boundary Street Markets