West End Film Festival offers something special to the community.  It differs from other film festivals by creating a unique sense of community and provides an inspirational experience to the audience.

Specifically, the judging panel has a twist. It comprises of the customary industry panel but then extends to include a community panel. Our community panel selects the winner for the Best Film Judged by community.

The community panel provides a different perspective on the films and judges them with unbiased eyes. Historically, the community panel has favoured different films to the industry panel.

When asked why, one of our industry judges, Kiki Fung of Screen Queensland stated, “The community panel consists of representatives from different areas and they would approach the selection [process] from a variety of perspectives, other than a cinematic one.”

The West End Film Festival offers a boutique experience and provides an opportunity for locals to exhibit their talent and hard work. West End Community Association President and also member of our community panel, Darren Godwell, said, “The film festival puts me in contact with people who are doing something they are passionate about. It really is an accomplishment to be there and stand beside some fantastic people.”

The event prides itself on having a truly quirky appeal that reflects the community spirit in West End. Gabba Ward Cr Helen Abrahams also enjoys the community engagement; “Short films are a wonderful form of communication. I love the fact there’s social commentary and the statement that films make. It is incredibly creative.”

The West End Film Festival is an event not to be missed and there’s just under 2 weeks left to go. Tickets are on sale now from the festival website at www.westendfilmfestival.com.au/tickets