The best ideas come from necessity. That’s how Danni Whittaker is shaking up the fitness industry with Fit Meet. Seeing a problem in the fitness industry, where a lot of females relatively new to weight training didn’t really have any friends with the same interests for moral support, she decided to solve that problem by linking people up with others in their area to find training partners.

Inspired by people struggling to see out and achieve their New Years resolutions, Danni created an app for people to find each other and reach their goals. Accountability is a huge contributor to achieving your (health and fitness) goals. Having someone to help keep you motivated and stay on track means you’re less likely to “fall off the wagon” altogether, and it also makes the training more fun.

Fit Meet is not just exclusive to weight training either, people can use it to connect up with others for social soccer on the weekends, rugby/cricket clubs can use it to find players, users might simply want to find someone in their area to go walking with, or they may be looking for a gym training partner.

“From my research and surveys I’ve also found that a lot of mums are struggling to lose weight after having children, so there is a real need for them to be able to connect up with other mums in their area to find walking or jogging partners or even groups, and just get out and get moving again. Often it’s that first step that is the most difficult, but if you have a friend to help you, with the same interests and goals it not only makes it easier but it also makes it more fun and more social,” said Danni.

There is also a percentage of the retired community who still stay very active, yet find it hard to find like-minded people of the same age, so the app will help them connect with each other too. It really is for anyone and everyone who is interested in their health and fitness, and the app comes with an extensive list of activities and sports to choose from.

Based in West End and working with Sydney developers, Webhaus, Danni wants Fit Meet to be the best it can be when it launches on October 1st, free on iOS and android anywhere in the world.