Bill Diacos barber shop sits next door to the fruit shop at 85 Vulture Street. It looks as if it’s been plucked straight out of the 70s with its burgundy tiled floor, single basin, wooden benches and ample greenery, the AM radio plays softly in the background.

The walls covered in pictures; acrylic drawings, portraits of well loved locals, most notably an acrylic portrait of Rock n Roll George, who was a highly iconic figure in Brisbane around that era.

Bill is a vivacious Greek man, with not a single hair out of place, slicked back like Christopher Walken. Bill has been hairdressing since he was 17. He is so refreshing to talk to. “My shop was part of the fruit shop, 32 years ago! My family bought the building and the owners, well they wanted less space so I decided to stop working in the city and start my own salon here, it was perfect.”

The fruit shop has in fact been there for almost 50 years, still with the same owners, so it’s no wonder Bill sees his shop as a second home. He says West End has changed dramatically over the past few decades however it’s neither good nor bad, just different. He shares, “It always was and still is a very family oriented suburb.” He recalls the days when children would play ball in the streets, which are now occupied by frantic traffic. “I guess I would call West End a village! Most people know one another and we’re all different nationalities now; back then it was a huge Greek community. Now we have different everything!”

Bill’s is open weekdays and Saturdays till noon.

Written by Brooke Lagana | Photo by Christian Tiger